Whether going for special effects for a home movie or theater production or trying to add that special touch to your Halloween costume, doing your makeup just right can help you to look dead. These techniques work for the living dead, corpse makeup, zombies, vampires or simply Emo concert goers.

Create a base for your dead look by applying a light colored, thick foundation to any exposed skin. The foundation will help to ensure that your cover makeup sticks and lasts as long as possible. Make sure that you thoroughly wash and dry your skin before you apply your foundation, however, as oily skin can prevent even application of makeup.

Place a bit of baby powder in a bowl and scrape some baby blue eyeshadow into the powder. As a general rule, you want to use about 10 parts baby powder to one part eyeshadow; however, you can add more blue if you like for that cold dead look. Mix the powders together thoroughly.

Run a makeup sponge under water and the squeeze all of the excess water out so that the sponge is barely damp. Dip the sponge into the powder mix and apply evenly to your face, neck, chest, arms and any other exposed areas.

Use a blush brush to add baby blue eye shadow to both your eye lids and below your eyes, creating a deep, dark recessed look like a corpse. Start with just a small amount of shadow, adding more if necessary.

Line your upper and lower eyelids with a dark blue eye pencil and then smudge the liner thoroughly with your makeup sponge. Top off with either gray or black mascara or even leave your lashes plain if you like.

Color your lips with a blue-gray lipstick which can be found at most costume supply stores. If you cannot find the right lip color, you can always use your blue eye shadow pencil instead.

Increase your dead look with a few extras, such as a drip of fake blood on the corner of the mouth, clear nail polish with a few drops of yellow food coloring added, messed hair and a cool, cold stare.