How to Locate the Reflexology Thyroid Zone. The thyroid is very important to controlling the metabolism of our bodies. If the thyroid isn't operating right, either too slow or overactive, our bodies can lose weight excessively or gain weight without reason. Alternative medicine practices can help without resorting to expensive medications that may also have undesirable side effects. Reflexology can help this condition if you know where the thyroid zone is on the hands and feet.

Use a creeping technique to activate each of the following zones. Creeping is done with the edge of your thumb. You press the thumb to the zone at the first crease of the knuckle and slowly roll it forward along the edge. Once you reach the end of the thumb, you lift the thumb, move it forward slightly, and repeat the thumb pressure. The motion is much like that of a caterpillar.

Find the thyroid zone on the right hand at the base of the thumb. Begin creeping along the bottom knuckle, slowly working your way all the way around the base of the thumb. Work the base in the counter-clockwise direction if you are looking down from the top of the thumb.

Locate the thyroid zone on the bottom of the right foot. The zone begins at the base of the big toe on the pad and runs along the first three toes. The creeping technique is used to work the pad by these three toes. The motion is from the big toe towards the third toe.

Look at the top of the right foot and move to the base of the big toe. The thyroid region is at the base of the big toe along the top of the foot to the third toe. Work this region with a creeping technique from the big toe towards the third toe.