How to Massage the Gluteus Maximus Muscles. The gluteus maximus is commonly known as the butt cheek. It is the largest, strongest and uppermost of the gluteal muscle group. Massage is helpful in relieving post workout pain and can keep the muscle from atrophying when not used for prolonged periods of time. Below are methods for massaging someone else's gluteus maximus as well as a self-massage technique.

Place a heating pad, set to low heat, on the gluteal muscle group before massage. Muscles respond best to massage when they are warm. Keep the heating pad on low heat for several minutes.

Find the exact position of the gluteus maximus. It is located at the top of the gluteus, beginning at the center of the lower back. This muscle runs across the top of two other muscles in the gluteal group. It feels like a thick band of muscle that runs diagonally from the center of the lower back down toward the hip.

Knead the muscle out, beginning gently and gradually building up pressure as tolerated. Use the base of your palms and your fingers to dig into the muscle and work the knots out.

Massage your own gluteus maximus by using a tennis ball. Sit on a tennis ball, positioning it into the tightest part of the gluteus maximus. Control your body weight with your arms to avoid too much pressure before you're ready for it. Move your hips in a circular motion over the ball to massage the area.


Lower-back pain is often due to tightness in your gluteus maximus. Try using these massage techniques to alleviate back pain. Unless you're very close to the person you're massaging, use towels to cover areas that you're not actively massaging to maintain modesty.