How to Locate a Pampered Chef Store

By Nicole Fotheringham

The Pampered Chef sells a wide range of cookware for the preparation and storage of food. It has a good reputation in terms of quality and versatility. The Pampered Chef offers more than 300 products for the kitchen as well as instructional videos and recipes for customers to use. You can obtain the cookware by hosting or attending a party or by ordering online. You can also start your own Pampered Chef business.

Host your own Pampered Chef party and invite friends and family members.

Step 1

Request to host a Pampered Chef cooking show by contacting a consultant you know or by going to the Pampered Chef website and leaving your details. Liaise with the consultant to host a cooking show in your home or at a local venue. Invite your friends and family members. Hosts and hostesses receive free gifts and discounts based on the amount of cookware that friends and family members order from the consultant.

Step 2

Attend a cooking show in your area if you do not have the time or space to host one. If you do not know someone hosting a show, go to the Pampered Chef website and leave your details. A consultant will contact you regarding shows in your area. At the cooking show, you will see all the Pampered Chef products, learn new recipes and get tips for entertaining. You can order all the cookware you want from the Pampered Chef consultant.

Step 3

Order your Pampered Chef products online from the Pampered Chef website if you do not want to attend a cooking show. The products come with instructions and recipes for you to try. You can search the online store by category or by product name or number if you have this information.

Step 4

Become a Pampered Chef's consultant. You can give cooking shows to friends and family and show them new techniques, tips and recipes. At the time of publication, the average amount consultants earn per cooking show was $450. Profit comes from commission generated by sales of Pampered Chef cookware. You can get started with your own Pampered Chef business by visiting the website for information and the contact details of a consultant near you.