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Many people may think growing an afro requires nothing more than letting your hair grow out. However, for an afro to appear well-groomed it's important to give it the required moisture by using moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and oils. Regularly lining up your afro also keeps it looking good. Evening out the edges along your hairline requires precision. Taking your time is essential, because it only takes one mistake to ruin your afro.

Sit on a chair in front of a mirror. Turn on the light or open the window, so you can clearly see what you are doing.

Place a headband around your head. Position the headband so it holds the front of your afro back and clearly displays your front hairline and the stray hairs sticking out.

Hold the clipper in your dominant hand. Put it on your hairline, just above your ear. Face the blade away from your afro. Slide the clipper inward toward your face, so it removes the stray hairs along the hairline. Avoid shaving backward against the hair growth, because you may end up shaving off too much hair. Use the headband as your guide while you work from one ear to the other ear, following the natural curve of your hairline.

Place a mirror behind you, so you can line up the hairline on your neck and around your ears. Have a friend line up the hair in the back of your head, as an alternative.

Move the headband so your afro is kept away from the nape of your neck. Place your non-dominant hand on the back of your head for support, and trim the stray hairs with your dominant hand. Place the clipper above the stray hairs, Make downward motions to trim the hairs. Work from one end to the other.

Use your non-dominant hand to push the back of your ear forward to move it out of the way. Position the clippers on the stray hairs on the area behind your ears. Move the clippers away from your afro to trim the hairs. Aim to make even lines on both sides of your head.

Wipe away the trimmed hairs from your head or wash your hair to get rid of them. Style your afro as normal.


Clean your clipper blade with clipper disinfecting spray before lining up your afro.