How to Lighten Eyebrows

By Hilary White

Whether you've lightened your locks or you're simply tired of rocking a bold brow, consider slightly paler eyebrows for a refreshing, new look. While dark, dramatic arches have their place, sporting subtler brows can flatter your features and make your eyes pop. Perfectly defined, fairer brows can be yours with a few makeup tricks and, more importantly, without a drop of bleach.

Close-up of a mid adult woman brushing her eyebrows
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Temporarily lighten brows safely with cosmetics.

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Pencil It In

Fill in brows with a lighter colored brow pencil. Choose a color slightly lighter and ashier than your natural brow color. Go with light or medium brown pencil if you have dark brown hair and opt for a dark blond or taupe colored pencil if you have light brown brows. Fill in gaps with light, upward strokes and use a clean spoolie brush to blend the color evenly.

Powders and Gels

Lighten brows with eyebrow powder if you have oily skin. Go several shades lighter than your natural brow color when using a powder, as they tend to darken as they settle into the skin. Use an angled brush to fill in sparse areas, brushing into place with a brow brush. A tinted brow gel, which is applied like mascara to arches, in a blond or light brown shade can also help you achieve a lighter look.

Get Set

Set made-up brows with clear brow gel or hairspray. Use a clear brow gel if you want your brows to appear fuller and more defined. Or simply spray hairspray on a clean spoolie and brush through brows.