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Homemade muffins are a delicious treat, and can be a healthy dessert when the right ingredients are used. Many home bakers have a problem with the muffins sticking to the pan, so they use paper cupcake wrappers to line the pan. But muffins sometimes stick to the paper wrappers, too. There are several steps you can take to prevent this problem from happening.

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Spray the inside of the cupcake wrappers with nonstick cooking spray before pouring the muffin batter into them. Or, brush a very light coast of vegetable oil onto the insides of the paper liners with a pastry brush, making sure to get oil inside all the creases.

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Let the baked muffins cool completely before taking the wrappers off.

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Pull the wrapper off slowly, little by little.


If you want your muffins to have that typical rounded-top shape, grease the cupcake wrappers only halfway up the sides.

Another way to keep your muffins from sticking, without having to use cupcake wrappers, is to use silicone bakeware.


Do not oil the wrappers when making cupcakes, as it will cause the wrappers to fall off the cupcakes.