How to Keep Makeup From Setting Into Laugh Lines

By Kent Page McGroarty

When it comes to laugh lines and other wrinkles, creamy foundations and concealers generally work better than powdery foundations. But it's still essential to prep the skin by filling in lines and wrinkles before applying makeup. Moisture is the key to prepping skin and making it appear more vibrant.

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Keep makeup from settling by using moisturizing products.

Step 1

Wash and pat dry your face as usual. Apply moisturizer liberally to your face, focusing on the laugh lines. Moisturizer helps create a barrier between your skin and your makeup -- one that the makeup can sit on top of, without settling into laugh lines.

Step 2

Apply a makeup primer -- a product used to smooth, hydrate and even-out skin tone. It also keeps makeup from settling into lines and wrinkles, and creates a smooth base on which to apply foundation. High-quality makeup primers contain silica, which fills in lines and wrinkles for smooth, even skin.

Step 3

Apply a foundation specifically formulated for dry skin, which often contain sunblock or moisturizers to keep skin looking fresh, unlike powdery foundations that settle into lines and wrinkles.