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Making a grand entrance can be a splashy way to get yourself noticed. If you're looking for attention, there are endless ways by which you can announce your arrival. Loud, clacking heels guarantee that everyone will know exactly when you enter and which direction you go. If you'd like a more subtle, respectable form of attention, quiet those boot heels and work on a solid introduction instead.

Add Rubber

Place one boot on top of a small piece of rubber.

Trace the shape of the heel onto the rubber using a pen. Repeat with the second boot.

Cut out both heel shapes.

Attach the rubber pieces to the bottom of your boot heels using a thin layer of fabric glue. Allow to dry 12 hours or overnight before wearing.

Walk Carefully

Hold on to the railing or banister when walking down staircases to take some of the weight off your feet. This will help you walk down steps more quietly in heeled boots.

Place the ball of your foot down before the heel of your foot when walking so less pressure is applied to the heels.

Walk slowly and carefully, especially on loud surfaces, such as hard floors.