How to Make High Heel Shoes Quieter

By LeafTV Editor

Some women don't mind making a little noise with the click-clack of high heels on wood floors or pavement. But if you have reason to want to silence your stilettos -- a couple in London, England, for example, sued upstairs neighbors because of noisy high heels -- it's fairly easy to adjust your heels so you can walk softly.

Lady in high heels walking on cobblestone
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How To Make High Heel Shoes Quieter

You'll walk more comfortably, as well as gracefully and quietly, if you start with good posture. Walk with your shoulders back, engage your abs and place the balls of your feet down before you touch your heels to the ground. Runway model Spankie Valentine says to glide, rather than taking short, quick steps -- although shorter steps work better going up or down stairs.

First, make sure your shoes fit well. Constant slipping on and off will make them noisier. Cushioning the heel is usually an effective way to cut down on the clatter. Take your shoes to a cobbler for rubber soles and rubber heel tips. As a quick fix if you're in the office and tired of the echo effect down the hallway, add a bit of masking or duct tape to the heel tips.

If you're really bothered by the noise, at least one brand of shoe is designed to muffle it. Mary Arnett's Shh-oes, with a patented noise-reducing heel tip, are designed to be quiet. The brand has pumps, wedges, boots and shooties -- all office worthy -- and many with a standout red heel tip so you can still make a visual statement, quietly. One reviewer who compared the brand with regular heels said it "really is low volume."