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Gapping blouse buttons are a common nuisance for women in the workplace or out on the town. A shirt with gapping buttons can make a person look messy and sloppy, even if the rest of the outfit looks immaculate. There are several easy fixes for an unflattering shirt that just won't lay flat.

Start off with a well-fitting bra. It is essential to have a bra that provides full coverage; the bra should have firm cups and an underwire.

Choose a blouse that is the correct size; wearing one that is too tight in the bust area is a common cause of button buckling. Still, even a blouse that is the right size can give you problems.

Purchase a blouse that fits correctly in the bust area, and get it tailored to fit everywhere else.

Prevent gapping by placing double-stick clothing tape in between the gapping buttons; another alternative is sewing in hook-and-loop fastener strips in between the button gaps.

Wash button-up blouses carefully; if they shrink in the laundry, you may be in for gapping.


Wear a camisole underneath your button-up shirt, if you are worried about gapping.

Some shirts gap even if they are the right size; this happens when the buttons are spaced too far apart.


Avoid using safety pins to secure the blouse; this can look sloppy and possibly ruin your blouse.