green insulation tape image by green308 from Fotolia.com

Pageants can be very expensive. From the coaching, entry fees, gowns, swimwear, teeth whitening and beauty enhancement treatments the cost can range in the thousands. Despite the high price you may be surprised to hear that inexpensive tape is a best kept secret in the pageant world. Knowing the proper techniques for taping pageant swimwear is essential for creating a flawless look.

Bust Lifting

Wearing a push-up bra with a swimsuit never looks flattering. By using duct tape you can lift your breasts and create a line of cleavage that judges will find most attractive. Start the end of tape a few inches from your arm pit to the side of your breast and wrapping the tape around you bust stopping in the middle of your chest. Pushing the tape up while you wrap will lift your bust creating cleavage.

Defined Waist

If you’re wearing a once piece swimsuit, you can create a cinched waist with duct tape. This method will allow you to seamlessly take inches off your frame that is painless and easy to achieve. Starting just below your navel begin working the tape around your waist until you reach about two inches below your bust line. Avoid squeezing the tape too tightly around yourself which can be painful.

Nipple Covers

If you find that your nipples protrude excessively in your swimsuit try using thin layers of double sided tape to create an “x” shape. Band aids are another alternative to nipple covers. Use tape that allows for a seamless application.

Bottom Protection

Prevent your suit from riding up with double sided tape. Trace the inside him of your suit with tape and stick to your skin. Practice this technique several times with variations on tape placement to see what works best. Avoid sitting down before you go on stage to prevent the tape from moving out of place.

Prevent "Camel Toe"

Place duct tape on the inside lining of your swimsuit bottoms. This will prevent a “wedged” look in your suit allowing you the walk without worry.