Cookie cakes are tasty alternatives to traditional cakes. They are essentially giant cookies with the addition of frosting. Since cookie cakes are so large, you may find that you cannot serve or eat an entire cake on your own. As such, you may want to preserve your cookie cake so that it remains fresh over a few days or even a couple of weeks. To do so, keep your cookie cake in a cool environment.

Cut your remaining cookie cake into small squares using a sharp knife. To do so, cut your cookie in five to six straight columns and cut six to seven rows across the columns to create squares.

Place your cookies in a tightly covered container. This can be a tupperware container or a cookie jar.

Keep your cookie soft by placing a moisture-rich substance in the jar. Place a slice of bread or apple in the container. If you use an apple, place it skin down on top of the cookies. Remove both the bread and apple after a couple of days.


Wrap your cookie cake in plastic wrap tightly to keep it fresh if you cannot cut it into pieces.

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