How to Install the Battery on an Olay Exfoliating Cleanser Brush

By Deborah Lundin

The Olay Exfoliating Cleanser Brush is part of Olay's Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System and is designed to clean and exfoliate your skin with a rotating brush. The brush has two speeds and a soft bristle brush head and runs on two AA batteries. Once the batteries run out, changing the batteries takes a little time and effort before you can resume using the brush to clean your face.

Olay's Exfoliating Cleanser Brush aids in facial cleaning.

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Step 1

Make sure that your Olay Exfoliating Cleanser Brush is completely dry. Allow it to air-dry or remove any moisture with a soft towel.

Step 2

Rock the battery compartment back and forth with one hand while pulling to release the battery cover with the other. The battery compartment is tight to keep out moisture so it can be difficult to release the battery cover. Rocking the battery cover while pulling at the same time is essential.

Step 3

Insert the two replacement batteries. Make sure to match up the "+" and "-" signs on the batteries with the corresponding symbol in the battery compartment.

Step 4

Replace the battery cover and turn on the brush to make sure that the battery replacement was successful.