Off-the-shelf aloe-infused socks are manufactured to retain their vitamin-rich moisturizer through multiple washings. But because the special fabric is not widely available, making your own is not usually an option. Instead, indulge in a classic home remedy to pamper and moisturize your feet. To infuse your socks — and in turn your feet — with aloe, you need only lather on and sock up.

Things You'll Need

Choose a thick aloe vera-based topical skin moisturizer. Look for an intensive formula to treat dry, cracked feet, and ingredients such as anti-fungal peppermint and skin-softening shea butter or coconut oil.

Just before bedtime, take a steamy, pore-opening shower or soak your feet in warm water — with an optional cup of milk mixed in — for about 10 minutes. Pat your feet dry with a bath towel, then rub just enough aloe vera moisturizer onto your feet to create a thin layer of moisture.

Slip on a pair of clean 100-percent cotton socks — go with a thick, cushy pair to maximize comfort and absorbency. Leave the socks on overnight to allow your skin to absorb the aloe, then remove the socks in the morning and wash them as usual.


  • For intensely dry feet, repeat the moisturizing process for a few nights in a row. After that, moisturize your feet with the DIY aloe-infused socks every few days.

  • Apply vegetable oil to your feet if you don’t have aloe vera.

  • On chilly nights, pop the socks into the microwave for about 10 seconds before putting them on.

  • Moisturize your hands by wearing 100 percent cotton gloves overnight after applying aloe vera moisturizer.