How to Identify the Four Basic Hair Cut Types. Identifying the four basic hair cut types is necessary before you can cut hair. Cosmetologists agree that all hair cuts fall into one of four basic categories. Learn to recognize these basic hair cuts and then you can combine two or more of them to create original hair designs.

Review the basic hair cutting essentials such as form, line, structure and texture. Use these principles to examine and classify different haircuts.

Determine whether the hair is all one, long length. If so, then stylists refer to the cut as a 0-degree cut or blunt. Stylists cutting hair blunt pull the hair at 0-degrees from the head so that the hair flows as one long mane with blunt edges, resembling a rectangle.

Observe whether the hair appears bobbed at a medium length and if it has a good amount of volume. This hair cut type indicates a 45-degree cut. The stylist separated the hair into smaller sections and clipped while holding it at a 45-degree angle from the head.

Decide whether the hair falls at shoulder length. See if the edges resemble layers. If so, this demonstrates a 90-degree hair cut. A stylist holds the hair at a 90-degree angle from the head and cuts successive layers of medium length in a circular pattern.

Look at the overall shape and texture of the hair. If it seems oval with an activated texture, the hair resembles a shag, also called the 180-degree angle cut.