Stick with reputable websites if buying Hunter boots online.
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Hunter, which is based in Scotland, is an internationally recognized brand, known for its high-quality, stylish boots. The brand is so distinguished it was awarded the Royal Warrants of Appointment for supplying waterproof footwear to the Queen of England and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. Originally a work boot named after its only color, hunter green, they are now a fashion statement. As with many high-quality designer items, forgeries exist — however, careful observation can identify knockoffs. Here's how to spot the fakes from the real thing:

Look at the label. The Hunter logo has bold, black block letters written inside a white rectangle that is outlined in red.

Count the seams on the boots. Authentic Hunter Boots have no more than eight pieces.

Look at the color and compare it with the Hunter website. The Original Gloss Tall Boot, for example, comes in only 13 colors: duck egg blue, fuchsia, graphite, kelly green, navy, beige, butter chocolate, black, butter cream, candy pink, pillar box red, teal and violet. If you are viewing original gloss tall boots of a different color, or the hue does not match pictures on the official website, your boots are probably fake.

Try on the boots. Hunter Boots are constructed with high-quality, vulcanized natural rubber and are built for comfort. Even after wearing them for a long period of time your feet won't hurt a bit due to a distinctive orthopedic design. The insoles are multilayered and cushioned, so if your boots are not comfortable, they may be knockoffs.

Examine the quality. The outsoles of traditional Hunter Boots are made of calendered natural rubber sole. The process of calendering involves passing the material between rollers under heat and pressure, which makes them shiny. The lining is high quality, made of knitted nylon. You can also weigh the boots — original Hunter Boots weigh about 4 pounds – if your boots weigh a lot more or a lot less, they are fakes.


Buy from a reputable vendor. Hunter Boot USA is the official vendor for the United States and has a website through which you can purchase the boots. Look for a guarantee of authenticity. Reputable websites offer such guarantees; less well-known vendors may not.


Be careful of bargains that are too good to be true – as of September 2011, Hunter Original Tall Welly Boots sell online for $125.