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There is no need to make an expensive trip into the salon when you can highlight your roots at home. Once those strands start to pop from your roots and show when you look in the mirror, typically around the 1- to 2-inch re-growth mark, then it is time to highlight. The process is simple and only takes a quick trip to the drug store to purchase a cream-base highlighting or hair dye kit. In addition, you will want to grab a highlighting comb for the best results, according to Lucky Magazine.

Start with hair that is clean, dry and product free. Part your hair as you normally would, and comb through if it is straight to remove any tangles. Curly hair does not need to be combed because you want the hair to remain curly, not wavy.

Read through the highlighting kit directions. Each brand will have a different set of directions, therefore it is important to know how to mix the kit and the recommended wait time.

Mix the kit according to the directions. If the kit comes with gloves, put them on prior to mixing the solution. Do not mix the solution until you are ready to apply.

Begin at the front of your head and work your way back. You can either highlight your crown and hairline area only, or you can extend the highlights throughout your entire head. If you do extend beyond the crown, then ask a friend to help you highlight the back roots.

Pull a small section of your hair upward and lightly brush the roots – next to the scalp -- with the dye brush from the kit. Set the brush down and use the highlighting comb to pull the dye from the scalp upward 1 to 2 inches. Place the comb down and repeat with another section.

Work throughout the crown of your head until you have highlighted all the root areas. Pull your hair back into a ponytail or clip so the front hairline is exposed. Pull a section of the hair along the hairline outward, and dye the roots next to the scalp. Pull the comb through the front of your hair. This will highlight the hairline.

Wait the allotted time, and rinse until the water runs clear. Apply the included conditioning treatment, if any, to your hair for three to five minutes and rinse. Dry and style as desired.


Apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair up to one week prior to highlighting.

Keep your highlights even – one on the right, one on the left.

Always keep a strand of darker hair inbetween highlights.