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Clairol Frost & Tip is an at-home highlighting kit that uses a cap with holes and a hooked tool to allow you to pull hair through the cap and lighten selected strands. Each package comes with step-by-step instructions. Following the guidelines for using this product will ensure your success.

Strand Test

Cut a strand of your hair from the darkest area and tape the cut ends together. In a bowl, prepare a test portion by combining 1 tsp. of Supreme Lightening Activator Powder and 1 tsp. of Supreme Developing Creme and mixing them together. Completely coat the test strand with the mixture and start your timer. Depending on your desired results, you should leave the mixture on for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes. The longer you leave it on, the lighter your results will be. After 10 minutes, wipe the strand clean and check the results. If it is not light enough, reapply the mixture and continue to check it every five minutes until the desired result is achieved. Record your time--this will be the amount of time you leave the solution on in the actual process. Keep in mind that your hair looks darker when wet and will be several shades lighter when it is dry.


Wash and dry your hair at least one day before highlighting so that your hair retains its natural oils to protect the scalp. Do not apply any styling products in between washing your hair and highlighting as this will interfere with the highlighting process. Cover your clothes with a smock, apron, or towel. The highlighting solution will permanently lighten any clothing it comes in contact with. Put the plastic cap on your head and secure it, tying the ends under your chin and tucking loose strands of hair underneath the cap. Put on the gloves that are included in the package to protect skin and nails.

Begin pulling the strands to be highlighted through the holes in the cap by placing the plastic hook flat against the cap, sliding it through the hole and gently pulling it straight out with the hooked hair. Pull each strand completely through the hole. You do not need to pull hair through every hole. For more highlights pull more hair, for fewer highlights pull less hair.

Prepare the mixture in the plastic tray with the spatula provided. Pour the Supreme Lightening Activator Powder into the tray, then mix in the Supreme Developing Creme with the spatula until creamy. Apply the mixture to the strands you have pulled through the cap using the spatula or a gloved finger, being sure to saturate each strand completely. If you are highlighting for the first time, apply the mixture to the entire strand; if you have previously lightened, apply it only to the new growth. Save unused mixture in case you need to reapply after checking the strands.

Pile your hair on your head and cover with the plastic cap. Set your timer for the time you established in the strand test. Check the progress of your highlights after the minimum time by wiping a strand with a damp paper towel and checking the shade. Remember that the hair looks darker when wet. If your desired shade has not been reached yet, reapply the mixture to the strand and continue to check every five to 10 minutes.

When you are ready to remove the lightener, remove the overcap, leaving the highlighting cap on and rinsing your hair until the water runs clear. Remove the cap and shampoo your hair. Finish by applying the Moisture Intensive Conditioning Creme and allowing it to sit for two to five minutes before rinsing. Throw away any unused highlighting mixture.