Set of make-up  foundations products, different shades and textures.

Chicken pox and the scars it leaves afterwards are unsightly and are best covered by means of makeup. Although there are topical solutions you can buy in the local drugstore, it may take awhile before the chicken pox truly disappears. If you want an instant way to hide chicken pox scars, then you can use makeup instead. Here are the steps to guide you into making your skin become blemish free. Note that the best cure is still prevention. If you do not like to have chicken pox scars in the future, do not scratch your chicken pox.

Getting Started

Apply the foundation all over your face. Make sure that the color of your foundation matches the color of your skin tone so it looks as natural as possible. Spread over a thin layer of foundation, just enough to conceal the chicken pox scars. In order to achieve the best result, use a sponge for the foundation and blot it unto the skin. This will ensure coverage without discoloration of the face. You can also do this into other parts of the body that are exposed, aside from the face such as your neck, arms and hands.

Utilize the concealer right after applying foundation on the face. Concealers will conceal the discoloration brought about by the chicken pox scars. Unlike the foundation, you should only apply the concealer on the affected areas. Make sure that the color of the concealer perfectly matches the skin tone of the person with chicken pox.

Highlight your best features. By highlighting the features of your face that you are most proud of you draw the attention away from the scars. For highlighting you will need to use shiny powder. The shiny powder is applied on strategic areas of the face that you want to stand out. If you have beautiful eyes, for example, put shiny powder right below the eyebrow, on the inside part of the eyelid and on the upper part of your cheekbones. Remember that this is only applicable on the face. If you have scars you want to hide on other portions of the body, a foundation and concealer will do.

Accent your best features. This is very much like highlighting. By accenting your other body parts, it gives the illusion of hiding your imperfections by focusing on something that is perfect. People are usually drawn to the eyes of the person in front of them. If you want to conceal your chicken pox scars, then add accent to your eyes. You can do this by utilizing an eyeliner and eye shadow. If your lips are your best feature, choose a dramatic shade of lipstick.


  • Use makeup instead of dermatological procedures. Chicken pox scars will vanish over time. You do not have to incur huge expense for dermatological procedures just to remove your scars. A little patience and know how in applying makeup will get you through and save you money as well.