Heated rice bags are useful to ease the pain of sore muscles, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. They are also useful to warm up the bottom of the bed, so that your feet will stay warm on cold nights. Heated rice bags can also be used for keeping food warm when being transported to potlucks or dinners.

Heating a Rice Bag

Place a paper towel on the center tray of a microwave oven. Lay the rice bag on top of the paper towel.

If you have a low watt microwave, set the power level to high heat. For higher powered microwaves, set the power level to medium high heat.

For most microwave ovens, the rice bag should be heated for two minutes. However, when heating the rice bag for the first time, heat the bag in 30 second intervals. This will keep the bag from over heating and indicate exactly how long the rice bag should be heated for the next use.

Before removing the rice bag from the microwave, carefully feel the bag with one finger tip to ensure that the bag is not too hot. If the bag is extremely hot, allow the bag to cool in the microwave with the door open for at least a minute. Check the rice bag again, if it is cooler and can be picked up comfortably, it is ready to be used.

Place the rice bag directly onto the ailing body part, or if it is still a little warm, wrap the rice bag in a hand towel before applying it to the body. Remove the towel from the rice bag as the bag cools.

To keep food warm for transportation, place the rice bag either beside the food dish, or directly under the dish. Wrap the entire bag and dish with a towel.


  • To make your own rice bag, fill a white tube sock with rice. Stop about three inches from the top, and sew the tube sock shut.

  • Rice bags may also be placed in a freezer to aid injuries that need to iced. They stay cold for a long amount of time and do not cause the watery mess that a typical ice pack does.

  • Include the following poem, written by an anonymous author, to indicate how to use the rice bag when giving the rice bag as a gift.

  • "The Rice Bag: This little pillow filled with rice, is such a comforting device. Microwave for 2 minutes on high, and kiss those aches and pains goodbye. Apply it to the troubled spot. The heat will ease the pain a lot. Or, warm those little toes so cold. You'll find this nice to have and hold. Or, freeze it for a little while, and fix that boo-boo up in style. Instead of a compress made of ice, use this pillow filled with rice."