Yellow onion peeled and cut in half

While many people are looking for ways that they can eliminate facial and/or body hair, there are a few people who are trying to grow more body hair. The problem with trying to make it grow, however, is that body hair growth is directly linked to genetics. Most times you can look at the other men in your family to see if you will blessed with a lot or a little body hair. Either way, it really doesn't matter and has no impact on your status or masculinity. But, if trying to grow more body hair is something that is really important to you, there are a few "remedies" that you could try out.

Cut an onion in half and rub it on the area you would like more hair to grow. This is something that should be done before you go to bed, and many people swear by it. Again, this is one of the cases that hasn't had any studies done to prove the validity, but those who have tried it seem to stand behind it. Simply cut an onion and rub it on the area before bed time. This will make your sheets smell, so you may find yourself doing more laundry and I would also suggest taking a shower as soon as you wake up.

Take vitamins to help supplement the needed nutrients for healthy hair growth. There are a few different vitamins that are supposed to help healthy hair growth. Zinc and biotin are two examples. Normally biotin is taken to increase the health and strength of hair on your head and your nails, but many people have said it works the same on body hair as well. Many vitamins (even children's) have both of these in them, so just check the label.

Try some of the hair growth medications that people use on their heads. There are many baldness solutions out there, such as Rogain. You could check these out at your local store.

See a doctor. This is by far the best and more effective way to get more hair growth. He may be able to diagnose something specific that can be done or a cream such as Minoxidil that could help increase hair on your body.