How to Stop Hair From Growing So Fast

By Laura Gittins

Trying to control the length of hair can be a daunting task. Hair that grows too fast can be a pain to deal with and may take up a lot of your time and money. There are a number of treatment plans available that can stop your hair from growing too fast, but none of them are a guaranteed solution to your hair problem. The best way to try to slow down hair growth is to start with the more natural methods before trying riskier solutions.

Inhibiting hair growth does not work for everybody

Step 1

Use a hair growth inhibitor cream. Vaniqa is an FDA-approved hair inhibitor that can be found in stores. While many other products of this sort exist, only Vaniqa has clinically proved that it slows down hair growth in some individuals.

Step 2

Use soy. Soy products act as an inhibitor to testosterone which contributes to hair growth. You can consume soy products or try rubbing soy milk on patches of unwanted body hair. Soy milk with a soy isoflavone solution added to it may help to enhance the effect.

Step 3

Wax the area where you want to slow hair growth. While this is a painful way of temporarily removing all hair from a spot on your body, hair does grow back slower and finer than it did before the waxing.