How to Give Yourself a Mohawk

By Contributing Writer

Many people express themselves with their hair. A mohawk is a hairstyle that screams of individuality and nonconformity. Though this hairstyle has made its way into the mainstream, it's still mainly associated with the punk and Goth subcultures.

Give Yourself a Mohawk

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Step 1

Decide how wide you want your mohawk to be.

Step 2

Use a comb to section off one side of your hair. You can use markers on your face to make sure you are sectioning your hair so that your mohawk is centered. If you want your mohawk to be about 2 inches wide, part your hair just above the center of your eyebrow. Start from the forehead and part the section all the way back to the neck in a straight line.

Step 3

Use clips to hold the other hair away from the section you just made.

Step 4

With your clippers, shave the section of hair you just made completely off. If you want a clean shave after you use the clippers, you can shave the section with a razor.

Step 5

Do the same thing on the other side of your head. Section the hair with a comb, clip other hair out of the way and shave the section.

Step 6

Use extra hold gel to spike your mohawk up.