How to Give a Sweatshirt an Off-Shoulder Cut

By LeafTV Editor

The classic 1980s style of off-the-shoulder sweatshirts made a comeback during the first decade of the new millennium thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson sporting them in celebrity magazines. The ample neckline lets the off-the-shoulder sweatshirt drop half-way down the shoulder. Yet, even within this style, the dimensions of the neckline vary according to how much skin you want on display. For the person who wants full control of the neckline dimensions or who wants to reuse an existing crew neck sweatshirt, making your own off-the-shoulder sweatshirt requires only basic planning, a marker and some scissors.

Woman wearing an off-shoulder gray sweatshirt
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How To Give A Sweatshirt An Off Shoulder Cut

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Mark the measurements of your new neckline by making hatch marks on the front, back and shoulder seems of the sweatshirt with a washable marker. For example, draw the hatch marks 1 inch wider and 2 inches deeper than the original crew cut neckline. Use a ruler for precise measurements or eyeball the distance.

Create a full circle around the original crew neck by connecting the hatch marks with your marker. This circle marks your new neckline.

Cut into the sweatshirt from the neck opening and continue cutting around the marker circle. Cut immediately past the marker line so you cut off the line of ink on the sweatshirt.