How to Get the Spiky Hair Look for Women

By Sarah Vrba

While lengthy locks will always be popular, a short spikey haircut is cool, edgy and will set you apart from the long-haired masses. Like most short cuts, spiked styles require very little maintenance -- just wake up and go in the morning, or slick your hair back with ease for fancy night out. A discussion with your hairstylist and few products are all you'll need to achieve this head-turning hairdo that is as daring as you.


Get the right cut for your head and face. In order to create a spunky, spikey look, a short, texturized cut is required. Show your stylist a photo of your desired style or tell her to cut your hair to 3 inches in length. This will create crisp spikes at the top of the head.

Wash and condition your hair as usual. Allow your hair to dry about 75 percent of the way.

Squeeze a pea-sized drop of texturizing gel into your palm. Rub your hands together to distribute the gel. Work the gel into your hair using brisk strokes that start at the root of the hair and go towards the ends.

Dry your hair with a hair dryer and use your fingers to lift the tips of your hair up and out to create soft, tousled spikes.

Place a dab of wax holding product on your fingertips and apply to the tips of the spikes to create hold and a light stiffness. Be careful not to apply too much wax, as the product can weigh your hair down.

Spray lightly with hairspray to lock the spikes in place.