Dip cans open when you press the ring into the opening slot on top. However, the ring sometimes breaks off the top to fall into the can. When this happens, it is best to take the ring out when the can is empty. It is also possible to take the ring off the can before you open it. Proceed carefully to avoid cutting your fingers on the sharp edges of the opening.

Turn the ring around 180-degrees so it is over the opening.

Pull the ring up to a vertical position and wiggle it forwards and backwards until the ring pops off.

Take the ring off with a pair of pliers if you want the rivet hole at the bottom of the ring to remain intact. Use the pliers to grab the tab at the bottom of the ring. Pull it up to take the ring off the can.

Take a Ring out of a Can

Turn the empty can upside down so the ring falls to the opening. Shake the can until the ring falls out. Proceed to the following step if this method is ineffective.

Pick an object that you can use as a hook, such as a crochet pin, or create one. For instance, pull the end of an office clip out slightly to create a hook.

Turn the empty can upside down. Shake it to move the ring to the opening so that the hole in the ring is aligned with the hole in the opening.

Reach in through the hole in the ring with the hook. Slide the hooked part of the object over one edge of the ring. Pull the ring out.