Cosmetics for men background in retro style

When it comes to creating a character or dressing up for Halloween (or maybe just changing up your appearance for the heck of it) hair plays an integral role. The right hair completes the look, while the wrong hair will leave everyone in the room staring at you strangely. Here are some tips on how to get stereotypical "mob" hair next time you're emulating your favorite mafia character.

Wet your hair thoroughly. People often refer to mob or mafia hair as "greasy." This doesn't mean they necessarily have greasy hair, just that they apply the styling product while the hair is wet.

Blot your head to remove any excess water. Make sure you don't have any water dripping in your face. Then it's too wet.

Squeeze your styling product into the palm of your hand. Give it a good rub with your hands. This will help heat the product making it more workable.

Slick your hair back by running your hands through your hair. Focus on the top first, and then do the sides.

Comb your hair straight back. This will mimic the motion you just made with your hands. However, the fine teeth of the comb will "rake" your hair into position. You will now have stereotypical mafia hair.


  • You can also spray your hair with hair spray upon completion to help hold the look.

  • If you really want to feel like you're in a mob movie while you're doing your hair, wear a wife beater t-shirt, throw on a Sinatra song, crack a bottle of veno. And of course throwing The Godfather DVD on never hurts either.