Blond Girl with messy hair looking up

They say you always want what you don't have. So while women with thick curly hair work to take the frizzy out, the rest of us with limp, straight hair try to add some body by putting the frizzy back in. Follow these instructions and you can make your hair frizzy.

Learn to Tease Your Hair

Hold a clump of your hair. You don't need much. Maybe only a few hundred strands of hair is all you need.

Take a comb in your opposite hand. Start near the middle of the hair and comb backwards toward the scalp. This is a process called back-combing or teasing your hair.

Repeat the process with another clump of hair. The more hair you tease, the more frizzy your hair will get. Go on to the next section for tips on how to use this technique to make a frizzy hair style.

Style Your Frizzy Hair

Wear your hair down, but make give it volume by making the hair near your neck frizzy. The more you back-comb this hair, the more volume your hair will have in the final style.

Style long hair into an up-do by using frizzy hair. Make the hair around the upper middle of your head frizzy. Use bobby pins and hair pins to pull your hair up and secure the ends into the frizzy parts of your hair. Use hairspray to help hold it in place.

Dress as a zombie for Halloween by giving your entire head a frizzy hair style. Simply frizz out all of your hair and it will poof out and look distressed, just perfect for imitating one of the living dead.


  • Unlike naturally frizzy hair that you can use a flatiron to straighten, straightening back-combed frizzy hair can be painful because you'll have to get all of the tangles out. Ease the pain. Spray a lot of leave-in conditioner into the frizzy hair and use a brush to get your hair back to normal again.