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Scars are signs that the body has repaired itself in the fastest way it knows how. Old white scars, while not as noticeable as newer, more livid scars, can be disfiguring, especially if they're on a place on your body that can be easily seen. There are some home remedies for scar removal you can try before turning to surgery.

Apply a scar cream. There are many dedicated scar creams available on the market, but a generic moisturizing cream, such as cocoa butter, will also be helpful. Massage into the affected area twice a day for five minutes.

Massage honey onto the scar. Leave it on your skin for a half hour. Medicinal honey may be more effective than regular honey.

Use vitamin E cream or oil. Apply the cream or oil a few times a day to the affected area.

Apply an exfoliating cream containing alpha hydroxy acid. Rub on this cream a few times a week to help remove the top layers of the skin and scar cells.

Consider laser surgery if you have large scars. Laser surgery such as dermabrasion can remove scarring. The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic and involves scraping away the outer layer of skin. Dermabrasion can give noticeable results, but, as with all surgeries, can be dangerous. Consult with your physician about this procedure.

Ask your doctor about other surgical procedures that can reduce the appearance of scars. These procedures include skin grafts, compression therapy, steroids or the use of silicon sheets that reduce the appearance of a scar over time by trapping moisture around it. If all else fails, a surgeon can surgically remove the scar, although this procedure itself carries a risk of scarring.


Use sun block. Tans make white scars look more noticeable.

Apply makeup to conceal your facial scars. Use professional concealer and foundation because these have more pigment than drugstore brands. You can also have a professional apply "camouflage creams," which are designed so as not to interfere with medical treatment on the affected area.