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Peas are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, folate and manganese. But peas allowed to ripen too long take on a bitter taste as their starches begin to break down. Although this includes the peas used to make a batch of pea soup, there are several ways to cut down on the bitterness so you can reap all the vegetable's health benefits without the aftertaste.

Prepare the soup with fresh peas within a few hours of picking. The bitterness of peas intensifies the longer they're out of the pod. Avoid the use of canned or frozen peas.

Cook the peas at a low temperature, around 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, for three to five minutes before adding them to the recipe. This reduces bitterness before they're incorporated with other ingredients.

Add a tablespoon of white or brown sugar to the soup. The sweetness of the sugar will counteract the bitterness of the peas.

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey, which will cut the bitter taste of the pea soup while providing a distinct flavor.

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