How To Freeze Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

We all want to be able to freeze our favorite snack or appetizer so we can pull it out at a moments notice and cabbage rolls are no exception. They consist of cooked cabbage leaves that are wrapped around a filling, can consist of meat, grains or vegetables, depending on the recipe. Once the cabbage rolls are prepared, they are steamed, baked or simmered. Cabbage rolls freeze best when uncooked because the freezer can alter the taste and texture. When you're ready to eat them and the frozen cabbage rolls have been defrosted, simply cook them using your preferred method.

Cover a large baking pan with freezer paper. Prepare the cabbage rolls but do not cook them.

Place the rolls on the baking pan and space them apart so that they do not touch each other.

Place the baking pan in the freezer.

Remove the cabbage rolls from the freezer once they are frozen.

Fill a freezer bag or container with the cabbage rolls. Remove as much air as possible from the freezer bag to prevent freezer burn.

Write the date and contents on the freezer bag or container and freeze the cabbage rolls for up to 1 month.

When you're ready to eat the rolls, defrost them overnight in the refrigerator. Once defrosted, they are ready to cook.