How to Get Rid of Side-Swept Bangs

By Aleksandra Ozimek

Side-swept bangs may be fun and stylish for a variety of reasons, mainly because they help update your regular hairstyle without getting a drastic cut. You may have them for two reasons: because you wanted bangs and like them, or because you cut bangs, dislike them and therefore want to grow them out as quickly as possible. Side-swept bangs, which are longer than blunt bangs, can easily be hidden using styling products and hair accessories.

You can hide your bangs during the growing out process.

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Step 1

Brush or comb your hair and your bangs. Part it as usual and keep bangs either on one side, or on both sides of your face. Use a straightener to make them smoother, sleeker and longer, if desired.

Step 2

Apply a styling product to your bangs, such as gel or pomade.

Step 3

Smooth bangs over your forehead and towards your ear, as if you would be tucking longer strands behind your ear. Secure them with bobby pins. As an alternative, you can add a headband which will hold down the side bangs.

Step 4

Bring your side bangs to one side of your head, somewhere above your ear and secure with a stylish clip. Do this on both sides, if you have side-swept bangs on both sides of your face.

Step 5

Braid the side-swept bangs into a french braid across your forehead, which will end up resembling a headband. Tuck the end of the braid behind your ear, and secure with a small elastic.

Step 6

Brush bangs back over the crown of your head, and pin using a clip or bobby pins. This will look stylish, and will add volume to the crown of your head.

Step 7

Brush hair and bangs back over the crown of your head and smooth pomade or gel so bangs blend in with longer strands. Add a headband to keep hair in place, or put hair up into a ponytail. Add more gel if necessary. You can also wear a headband with a ponytail for a smooth, bangs-free hairstyle.