peeled white garlic in gunny sack cloth on brown wooden table

Ringworm is a common ailment that many believe is some form of worm when in fact it is a fungus. Ringworm is extremely contagious and spread by contaminated clothing, towels, swimming pools, shoes, animals, skin contact and sharing personal items. The red, slightly raised circles appear anywhere on the body, even the scalp where it is difficult to detect. Multiplying quickly, ringworm spreads and gets larger in appearance if not treated. Get rid of ringworm with garlic cloves using these methods.

Cut ten garlic cloves in half lengthways and place in a bowl. Set aside. Garlic is known for its anti-fungal properties, which makes it the ideal alternative remedy for ringworm. Garlic has been known to kill small ringworm patches in as little as 12 hours.

Apply cut garlic cloves by rubbing them directly onto the ringworm patches. Use one clove per ringworm patch, discarding each clove as it's used. Ask for help in applying fresh garlic cloves on hard to reach areas where you have ringworm patches, such as your back half. Your helper should wear latex gloves while assisting you in treatment to prevent contagion.

As each patch dries, cover it with an adhesive bandage. Repeat all steps twice per day and do not get the ringworm patches wet.

Apply this remedy for one week, after which the ringworm should be gone completely. There are no known side effects with this ringworm remedy. If you feel that you have too much ringworm to treat yourself; visit your physician for conventional treatments.


  • Take quick showers each day, taking care to dry each ringworm patch thoroughly.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly in hot soapy water after treating ringworm.