How to Get Rid of Poor Circulation Naturally

By Teresa Fort

Optimal circulatory health requires an unrestricted flow of blood between the body's heart and its extremities. If this basic biological function of blood flow is impeded, poor circulation results. The underlying cause seems irrelevant as the symptoms and solutions remain the same. Numerous alternative therapies exist in place of conventional medicine -- with outstanding results and little (to no) worry over side effects. Natural remedies can rapidly reverse and heal the symptoms of poor circulation, while ultimately maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

Take care of your heart to improve your circulation.

Step 1

Evaluate and amend lifestyle habits to control poor circulation. Do away with bad and unhealthy habits. Smoking depletes the body of oxygen, exacerbating poor circulation. So stop smoking.

Remember to breathe.

Relieve and manage stress by learning to meditate, practicing yoga or getting a massage. Stress constricts blood vessels and plays a relevant role in poor circulation.

Move your body.

Move your body and get your blood pumping. Walk, cycle, hike or swim. Exercise ensures healthy circulation. Even a brief, but brisk, walk will do wonders for cardiovascular health.

Nutritious foods can be highly beneficial to your circulation.

Choose a diet high in fiber to promote healthy circulation. Eat fruits and vegetables to strengthen capillaries and support healthy blood flow. Specifically, consuming oranges, watermelon, nuts and garlic will optimize the circulatory system. Even ingesting a simple stalk of celery has been proven to relieve blood pressure by relaxing constricted blood vessels.

Step 5

Eliminate foods that are bad for the heart: animal proteins, fatty foods, sugars, everything white and/or refined, coffee and colas. These particular foods and substances increase the blood's viscosity and thus inhibit its flow.

Invest in quality supplements.

Ingest supplements designed for supporting circulatory health. Vitamin C prevents hardening of the arteries. Coenzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant that improves the utilization of oxygen and thus increases blood flow. L-Carnitine also enhances your oxygen supply.

Honey is healing.

Create a home remedy of 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar (organic and unprocessed) mixed with 1 tbsp. of honey and warm water to replenish a deficiency of potassium and/or calcium. Naturopathic physicians have often considered both minerals as culprits of congested circulation.

Step 8

Consume herbal remedies which are abundant and entirely safe. Choose from tinctures, tea blends or capsules -- all of which can be made or purchased. Look for Ginkgo biloba, hawthorn berry, horsetail, rose hips, hyssop and cayenne. All of these herbs reign supreme for strengthening, toning and healing poor circulation.