By Frank Dioso

Marker pens and ball point pens are very popular with children since they can use them to draw temporary tattoos on the skin. Pen ink can take a long time to fade from the skin and can cause skin irritation. Instead of using harsh chemicals to try to remove these ink tattoos, you can use a heavy duty hand cleaner which you can purchase at your local drugstore, home improvement store or large chain health food store.

It is possible to remove pen ink tattoos using a heavy duty hand soap.

Step 1

Clean the skin with regular soap and water to remove any dirt, oils and other small particles.

Step 2

Rub the hand cleaner soap on the areas of the skin with ink in a circular motion for a few minutes until you see the ink start to fade away.

Step 3

Wet a wash towel or loofah sponge and scrub the skin gently in a circular motion to remove any ink remnants.

Step 4

Rinse the skin thoroughly with water, pat dry and apply a small amount of body lotion to help moisturize the skin.