how to get rid of glasses indentions on your face

Almost everyone wears glasses once in a while. Whether you wear prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, though, if they don't properly fit your face and are too heavy, they can leave unsightly indentation marks. Indentation marks often appear when glasses are worn for a lengthy period of time. Visit your optician or look into alternative ways to improve your vision. Here are a few options.

Remove your glasses from your face frequently to avoid or reduce indentations. Removing your glasses allows the skin to return to its former shape. Massage the indentations on the sides of your nose to speed up the recovery. If you depend on your glasses 24/7, removing them may not be an option.

Adjust the pads of your glasses if they are too tight. Gently push the pads outward and try to avoid jerky moves. Don't apply too much pressure, though, as this area of your glasses is very sensitive and can easily break.

Visit your optician and have him assist you in finding a pair of glasses with a comfortable bridge and well-fitting nose pads. Try on glasses with weightless to lightweight lenses, and plastic frames instead of glasses with thick lenses and heavy frames, which rest heavily on your skin.

Use makeup to get rid of indentation and friction marks from your glasses. You can also try applying concealer the color of your skin on the indentation marks. Blend the concealer outward using light taps with the pad of your ring finger. Dust translucent powder over the concealer to set it.

Switch to contact lenses to avoid getting indentation marks from glasses. Use your glasses sparingly when you remove your contact lenses at night.

Undergo LASIK eye surgery to never deal with indentation marks again. During LASIK eye surgery, a laser makes a cut in the cornea of your eye to correct your vision. Within three to six months, your vision is stabilized and your need for eyeglasses is completely eliminated. This means no more of those pesky indentions!