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Eyeglass chains are a way to keep your glasses close at hand if they're not on your face. Some people who wear glasses to correct their vision remove their glasses very infrequently. However people who have developed presbyopia – an age-related condition that causes the eyes to lose ability to focus on close objects – find themselves repeatedly removing their glasses and replacing them only to read. An eyeglass chain is a way to add style and function and keep your reading glasses close when you need them.

Place your eyeglasses on a flat surface so that the earpieces are down and resting on the surface. If you apply pressure to your glasses with the earpieces right side up, you can break or bend your glasses out of shape.

Open up the loops on the eyeglass chain, and place a loop on each earpiece. Slide it to fit where it's most comfortable on your face, somewhere between the stem of the eyeglass at the lens and your ear.

Push the small plastic or metal slide that sits beneath the loop or ring to tighten it to the earpiece. Create a snug fit to prevent your glasses from slipping.

Wear your glasses around your neck. Check the slide periodically to ensure it is still snug during use.