This is a dermatologist approach to remove brown spots from your face. The results will be dramatic. Before more invasive procedures are recommended, this at home regimen is usually ordered first. The combination of products below will exfoliate and give your skin glowing results. These products speed up the skin cycle and decrease melanin production(the culprit behind brown spots). When the new skin cells appear, they are no longer discolored.

Wash face thoroughly with a mild, fragrance free, non-comedogenic face soap purchased over the counter. A soap like Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin is an inexpensive product that is easy to find. Let face dry before proceeding.

Purchase a product containing the active ingredient hydroquinone 4%. You can find 2% on the grocery store shelf, but need to get 4%. Order this online, or purchase from a dermatologist office. Most dermatologist carry several product lines in their office sold without actually seeing the doctor. Obagi Clear would be an example of one product containing the right concentration. Any will work as long as the active ingredient is hydroquinone 4%. Most of these products will run about $70, but should last about a year. Ordering these products online is sometimes less expensive than purchasing inside the dermatologist office. Apply a dime size amount to the entire face, concentrating most on the hyper pigmented or brown areas.

Now apply a product containing retinol or tretinoin(Retin-A). This product should also be purchased at a dermatologist office or online. Over the counter products do not have much retinol in them and therefore don't give the same results. Two examples of products that will work are Biomedic fast prep 60 retinol cream or tretinoin .05%. One added benefit to using this product to treat brown spots is that retinol is the only FDA approved product to reduce wrinkles. Cover the entire face with a dime sized amount of retinol cream. Do not apply near the corners of mouth, corners near the nose or eyes. The skin in these areas is thinner and will get irritated.

Perform steps 1-3 both morning and evening. Now add one more thing to the evening step. Purchase a lotion containing alpha hydroxy acid 8-12% over the counter. The grocery store carries 2 products that work just fine; Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion or Alpha Hyrox brand lotion in a red box. Just look to see that Alpha hydroxy acid is in the ingredients. Apply this after the retinol or tretinoin has been absorbed into the skin. This may cause a slight tingling sensation if you have never used it before, but your skin's tolerance to this will increase with use.

Make sure to use a sunscreen during the day. Always use an spf of no less than 30 when going out doors. Sun exposure should be limited. Sensitivity to the sun will increase while using this regimen. The #1 reason most people have brown spots or sun spots is from the sun.

BE PATIENT!!! This is particularly difficult during the first 2 weeks. Your skin will be red and peeling. The peeling is an important step in turning over the skin and to slough off the dead cells making it look drab. Microdermabrasian, Chemical peels and lasers all make your skin go through the same thing to reveal the healthy glowing skin below. The optimal time to achieve great results is to follow this method for 6 weeks. If you cannot tolerate the peeling for that long you can opt to do this for two weeks at a time which will still give you a noticeable difference every time. Once results are achieved, they can be maintained using the steps at night only for 2 days during the week You must also use sunscreen during the day to keep the spots from re-appearing. Applying products a time or two a week will not cause peeling but will keep melanin production down and skin turnover high. After you discontinue use and the skin stops flaking you will be shocked at how glowing skin comes naturally.


Pay attention to the active ingredients in products. What is the percentage? Many products may contain the ingredient but in such small amounts it is basically useless.


Do not attempt this regimen if you need to look good during the first 2 weeks of use. Do not attempt this regimen if you are pregnant. Some of these products have not been approved for use while pregnant. Hormonal imbalance while pregnant brings on added brown spots. Keep this article handy to begin later. Do not attempt this regimen if you are to be spending lots of time in the sun. Skin will be more sensitive during products use.