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Moles, or beauty spots, are a cluster of skin cells that have turned black or dark brown with pigment. Most beauty spots are harmless, though they can be unsightly on the face or neck. Several home remedies exist to remove, or at least lighten, beauty spots. One of the simplest home remedies is to apply garlic to the spot. Keep in mind that all moles should be checked out by a dermatologist because they can sometimes indicate a more serious condition.

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Crush one to two cloves of garlic into paste using a garlic press. You may need to crush the garlic further using the back of a spoon if the garlic press fails to reduce the garlic to a paste.

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Place masking tape around the beauty spot to protect the skin around it. Garlic can burn the skin, so take care to place the garlic paste only on the mole. You may also use petroleum jelly to create a barrier between your skin and the garlic.

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Apply the garlic paste to the beauty spot using a cotton swab. Cover the mole with a bandage.

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Leave the bandage and garlic in place for up to four hours. You can repeat this treatment three times a day. You may begin to see results in two to four days.


If you do not see an improvement in two to four days, consult a physician.

Be sure to cover the skin surrounding the mole or beauty spot to avoid contact with the garlic. It can cause burns that require medical attention.

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