Blackheads look like black dots inside skin pores. They are composed of sebum, an oily substance that turns black when trapped in a pore and exposed to air. Using topical treatments, you can greatly improve the appearance of facial blackheads overnight, but there is not a 100 percent guarantee that they will be gone by morning.

Things You'll Need

Clean your face with an acne-fighting cleanser containing salicylic acid. Blackheads are caused by an overproduction of oil in your pores, so keeping your face as clean as possible is the best way to start getting rid of blackheads and preventing more from forming.

Use a gentle facial exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. A buildup of dead skin cells can contribute to the formation of blackheads and zits.

Apply a hot towel to a stubborn blackhead. Steam and the warmth from the towel will make the blackhead rise to the surface, making it easier to extract and less abrasive for the surrounding skin. Hold the towel on the blackhead for a couple minutes and dry the area completely.

Put a piece of tissue on the tips of each forefinger. Place your forefingers next to the blackhead, then gently press down and up on the skin. You want to remove the blackhead from its root so it is extracted completely. Do not use a lot of force, because it will take more time to heal.

Put a topical blackhead treatment on the former blackhead spot before you go to bed. Some treatments you can buy at the grocery store include Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream and Clean and Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment. Keep the area clean and reapply the spot treatment as needed.


  • If you have tried numerous home remedies and blackheads continue to form, consult a dermatologist for additional treatment options.

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