Polyurethane foam is used in several different applications, including the production of rigid padding for furniture, automobile interiors and even surfboards. Spray polyurethane foam is used as an insulator in homes and can be installed by the home owner or a professional. Once sprayed, the polyurethane foam will expand and dry quickly, which makes it crucial that any foam coming in contact with skin or hair is removed quickly.

Wet the hair thoroughly with warm water.

Work a generous amount of petroleum jelly into the affected hair shafts. Wearing gloves will help protect the skin on your hands from coming in contact with the polyurethane foam.

Wrap the affected hair with plastic wrap and allow the petroleum jelly to remain for one hour.

Rinse the petroleum jelly from your hair with warm water. Rub your hands through your hair as you rinse it in order to pull and remove the foam from your hair shafts.

Repeat the process, if necessary.


  • Any polyurethane foam that is not removed with the use of petroleum jelly, lanolin or mineral oil should be cut out with scissors.

  • Wear a hat or other protective covering over your hair to prevent contact with the polyurethane foam.