How to Get Josh Hartnett's Hairstyle

By LeafTV Editor

How to Get Josh Hartnett's Hairstyle. Josh Hartnett has a boyish charm about him that is irresistible to women. His boyish sweetness is portrayed through his classic haircut with a twist. Josh Hartnett's hairstyle works well with a lot of hair, from thin to thick and straight to wavy.

Step 1

Get the right cut. This is a classic men's hair cut, with the top longer than the back and sides. The sides and back are cropped very close to the head, while the top is left about an inch to an inch and a half long.

Step 2

Visit a stylist to get the right color. Josh Hartnett's color is very dark brown all over. This dark color paired with his eyes are an essential part of his tall dark looks. This cut and look can be pulled off with lighter locks, so only go dark if it looks right on you.

Step 3

Style it to look like Josh Hartnett's. Styling this do is very easy. Towel dry your hair after washing and conditioning it. Use a dime-size amount of styling gel to mess up the top of the hair, but let it fall in its natural way for the most part.

Step 4

Dress up the hairstyle for professional or formal styles. For occasions that are entirely conservative, simply comb the hair forward or forward at an angle, and style into place with gel.

Step 5

Keep sideburns small. Josh's are short and neatly groomed, usually no longer than his earlobes. He is rarely seen with facial hair, so stay clean shaven.