If you are reading this, then you must have researched the dangers of the consumption of fluoride. Many health advocates agree with this and would like to remove it from their water. In this article, you will learn of many things you can do to remove fluoride (aka Sodium Fluoride) from your water along with how to acquire clean pure water.

I will start with the most simple & easy method. You can buy distilled water or pure spring water at the store. Be sure it is either distilled or pure spring as many bottled waters do contain sodium fluoride. Spring water may contain calcium fluoride, but it is not considered nearly as toxic as sodium fluoride is by health advocates. Bottled water is fairly cheap.

The next method is a solar still. This is a device you can either build or buy that fills with tap water on a dark background. As the sun penetrates through the glass, water will begin to evaporate (without the fluoride or many other chemicals) and collect on glass above it. The glass on top is angled down, and the water bead come together and drip down on the under side of the glass to a collection reservoir of pure water.

This method uses a water distiller. Distillers cost between $100 - $200 most often, but of course you can spend more if you want. A distiller simply boils the water and collects the water vapor on a cooler surface. Then it collects the water vapor into a reservoir. Much like placing a lid on a pot cooking and the water droplets that form on the lid. A distiller works on the exact same principal. It rids the water of many pathogens, impurities, and a lot of fluoride.

The next method can cost a moderate amount of money. Often $200-$300. You can install a 5 stage reverse osmosis filter on your tap water. The reverse osmosis process usually removes approximately 98% of all fluoride amongst many other chemicals.

This method can be very costly. Usually from $1000-$2000. However, it is one I personally highly recommend to you. This device is called an atmospheric water generator. It looks like a water cooler without a bottle, and works like a high power air dehumidifier. It pulls pure moisture out of the air, collects the water, then puts it through a 5 stage filter. Next they pass through a Ultra Violet filter (UV) and the generator cools and heats the water. There is no other known method that I know of that will give you such clean purified water. You do pay for it, but you will live in confidence that you water is so clean.

This step is the most costly. If you are in a rural enough area, have a well drilled. This will give you access to the water table under your land. Most often this water is pretty clean and will not contain much sodium fluoride (if any) but it may have natural occurring calcium fluoride.


If you are very low on money, you can google plans to build solar stills. Atmospheric Water Generators is the best way to get the purest water that I can think of. All you need is electricity. They are costly, but well worth the money.


Sodium Fluoride is a toxic chemical that is in regular water supplies. If you pay a water bill and live in the United States, Canada, and much of Europe, you are DRINKING Sodium Fluoride. This is something for everybody to research on their own.