Do Brita Water Filters Make Alkaline Water

Although a Brita filter you buy at a local drugstore will not change your water's alkalinity by itself, you can change the pH level by using certain types of filters. According to Brita's website, the pH value of the water — which may range from 6.5 to 8.5 — is determined by the tap water's pH before it is filtered.


When you run tap water through one of Brita's carbon charcoal filters, you substantially lower the amount of metals and toxic substances in the water. This filtering process gets rid of unpleasant chlorine or rust tastes.


Filtered water lacks the chlorine and chemicals found in nonfiltered water and may be better for your health. In addition, filtering your drinking water helps you avoid contributing to environmental waste by purchasing water in plastic bottles.


Adding alkaline water drops to filtered water can change the alkalinity. This mean increasing minerals that may create antioxidant value, which is measured in terms of oxygen reduction potential, or ORP value, according to IonLife director Ian Blair Hamilton.


The potential benefits of drinking alkaline water are debated, but it is believed to bring your body back into balance from the effects of excessively acidic foods and drinks in the average Western diet.


As of mid-2009, Brita does not have an alkaline water filter on the market, but several other companies are promoting the technology. Alkalark claims that it is able to create portable antioxidant alkaline water through the natural minerals in the base of its bottles.