Jennifer Aniston has that hair that almost everyone wants. She's had numerous hairstyles and they all look fabulous on her. So, if you're one of the "everyone" then read on to learn how you can get Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles incorporated into your look. Be careful though, you may have to change your name to "Jennifer."

Start with Jennifer Aniston's most famous "Rachel" hairstyle. First seen on the hit TV show, "Friends," it was named for the character she played, Rachel Green. This hairstyle was created for Jennifer by Chris McMillan of the Estilo Salon in Los Angeles. It's basically a medium length or just longer than the shoulder shag hairstyle. The hair is cut into long layers all over with the top having the longest layers. The bottom section is more shagged, blunt cut or razor cut. Use large, flat brushes and large, round brushes to straighten and a ceramic sedu flat iron to give body to the chin length bangs along with keeping the longer layers smooth and curvy.

Choose the long, straight, parted down the middle or on the side hairstyle that Jennifer has been wearing in more recent years. Add a leave-in hair conditioner to towel dried hair to help flatten your hair out. If your hair has a natural wave, add sculpting gel and a relaxing serum. Work it into your hair. Use a large, round brush, to lift the hair shaft as you dry. Use the flat iron to secure the straight look of the style. Spray lightly with a shine spray hair styling product. Use this spray in combination with the flat iron for "the Jennifer" look.

Put a variation on Jennifer's long hair to glam it up for an evening look with the stacked ponytail. She wore this style for the 2003 Golden Globes. She pulls her hair straight back in sections. The top section appears to be "the ponytail." However, there are several smaller ponytails directly down from the top visible one, giving a cascading appearance to the visible ponytail.

Go for the short, straight, cropped hairstyle better known as "Jennifer's Bob." Her hair is naturally wavy, so she has choices in how to wear it--sleek and straight or lively and wavy. She uses a volumizing cream to work through the hair before she blows it dry. While drying, she uses a large round brush to lift, straighten and add body. After it's dry, she goes for the flat iron to finish her look. When she wants to go wavy, she uses a large curling iron to add the swirls and then finger tosses her hair rather than brushing.

Get another of Jennifer's famous hairstyles by going for an "updo" hairstyle with the tied or knotted look. This look was created for Jennifer by master stylist John Sahag in New York City in 1998. Jennifer's hair length at the time was long and straight and this twisted "updo" gave her hair a festive holiday look. Style Magazine printed photos of the style along with instructions on how to achieve the look in 1998. This look comes from a series of small sections of hair twisted with your fingers, tying with small pieces of ribbons and small hair bands. This look used the Sahag curling iron to straighten pieces of hair and sometimes actually using the curling iron to wrap the hair around. Start at the base of the neck and work upward as you keep separating the sections and twisting the hair towards the crown. Jennifer left a couple of longer twisted strands dangling off the side of her face in the place of bangs.

Style your hair in the same exact hairstyle as Jennifer Aniston, but it isn't going to look the same without the coloring techniques that Jennifer Aniston uses in her hair. Even though Jennifer's hair color is uniquely "Jennifer," you can work to achieve the highlight looks by using a technique of color weaving. Jennifer Aniston's look comes from using uneven patterns or weaving all over. The more intense blonde strands are closer to her face to frame it. A mixture of fine, thin strands along with tiny sections mixed together or in an uneven weave end up with the an almost natural sun streaked look.


  • Take a photo of Jennifer Aniston with the hairstyle that you want to your hair stylist so that they completely understand which style you're going for.