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For some, great looking 360 waves come naturally, but most have to work hard to get their waves symmetrical and shiny. Whether you're one of the lucky few or the hard-working many, here is a simple routine that will keep your waves looking great, wet and glossy.

Start fresh. You may already have your waves the way you like them, but to get the best shine you should start from scratch. Start with clean, dry hair.

Put a generous amount of pomade in your palm -- about the size of a half-dollar. Apply the pomade to your hair, making sure to rub it in thoroughly and evenly.

Soak your towel in hot water and wring it out thoroughly. You want to keep as much heat in the towel with as little moisture as possible. Wrap the hot towel around your head and squeeze it gently around your scalp. Do this for two minutes and then remove towel. This is the most important step in achieving wet looking waves as the heat melts the pomade into your hair. The more saturated your hair is with pomade, the better shine it will have.

Brush your hair, starting from your crown and brushing away. Make sure that each brush stroke is even and in the same direction as your waves.

Wrap the do-rag around your head. You will want to leave this on for several hours, so it is best to do it before you go to bed.

Do this twice a day for two weeks. By the beginning of the second week you should already see your 360 waves looking wet and glossy.


Do not wash, or get your hair wet during the first two weeks of processing your waves. Moisture will release the waves and you will have to start all over.

Do not brush your hair after you remove your do-rag as this will brush out the pomade from your hair and the pomade is what gives it that wet look.