Nobody likes the awful breaking in period of new shoes but we also know if we purchase shoes that are not a bit snug at first, they will quickly become too loose. There is an old fashioned remedy for this issue that will allow you to stretch out your shoes just enough to be nice and comfy, no pain required.

Things You'll Need

In a small ziploc baggie, pour in your choice of dry beans. About 3/4 full should do the trick.

Add a few teaspoons of water and close the ziploc bag. The water will cause the beans to swell. This swelling is what will stretch your shoes for you. Gradually and gently.

Insert the ziploc bag into your new pair of shoes. You may need to toy with it a bit to get it wedged in where you need it stretched. Take some beans out or add more beans in, depending on your individual need.

Check shoes often to see if they fit. If the beans aren’t swelling up enough after about an hour, add a bit more water.


  • Soak the beans overnight in a bowl when your done and use for a recipe or give to the birds. Be CERTAIN they are soaked good before feeding as they could cause harm if not fully expanded before ingestion by an animal.