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Pointy shoes are usually fashionable and sleek looking, but the style often comes at a cost. Pointy shoes by design have a narrow toebox, potantially constructing the foot of the wearer. However, if the shoes are too great looking to give away but remain slightly uncomfortable, there are a few proven methods designed to stretch the shoe.

Ice, Ice Baby

Freezing shoes is a tried and true way to stretch them out. To do this, fill up a sealable freezer bag about one-fourth full with water. Stuff the bag into the toebox area, filling the space as much as possible. Take the shoe and place it in another freezer bag. Place the entire apparatus in the freezer overnight, letting the ice expand and stretching the toebox. The next day, the shoes should be far more comfortable than the night before.


Find a potato that fits snugly into the toebox but not so tight that it visibly deforms the shoe. Leave the potato in overnight. Some say to peel them or leave them unpeeled, depending on whether or not you want to have potato moisture in your shoe. Take the spud out the next day and test fit the shoes for increased comfort.

Tools for the Job

A conventional shoe stretcher is the best and most accurate method for stretching a toebox. Spray the inside of the shoe with a stretching agent -- typically isopropyl alcohol and water -- and insert the stretcher. Turn the crank on the back of the device until you see the shoe visibly stretch. Like other solutions, you should leave this tool in the shoe overnight, testing for better fit the next day.

Blast 'Em

Heat is known to loosen materials, making the material more pliable than at room temperature. Put on a couple pairs of socks, then insert your foot into your snug pointy shoes. Set your hairdryer on medium heat, pointing the dryer at the problem areas that cause discomfort. This is especially useful for polyurethane and synthetic shoes, but use caution. If you get the heat too close, you might damage the shoes' finish from the heat. Pull off the shoes and socks, testing for fit as you would normally wear the shoes.