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Homemade muffins make a quick breakfast or easy snack, but there isn't always time in the morning to whip up a batch. Try making the muffins ahead of time and freezing them for later use, when you don't have time to bake muffins. Frozen muffins reheat within 45 seconds in the microwave, and often taste freshly baked. Air is the main enemy of frozen foods, as it causes freezer burn or the muffins to dry out. Ziploc and similar bags prevent air from ruining your muffins during freezer storage.

Remove the muffins from the pan. Let them cool down to room temperature prior to freezing.

Wrap each individual muffin in plastic wrap. Overlap the wrap so that no part of the muffin is exposed to air.

Place the muffins in a Ziploc or similar freezer zipper bag. Avoid crushing or smashing the muffins, Leave some space so the muffins can retain their shape.

Insert a drinking straw into the bag. Seal it closed up to where the straw protrudes. Suck the excess air from the back through the straw, then finish sealing it closed. Removing as much air as possible helps prevent freezer burn.

Label the bag with the date then place the muffins in the freezer. Store frozen for two to three months.


If you like frosting or glazes on your muffins, apply these right before serving as they don't freeze well.

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